The Hitman Blues Band is getting worldwide recognition. The new release “The World Moves On” is being hailed as "the best yet!"  Their previous release, “Blues Enough”, was in the running for two Grammy nominations. “Two Minute Warning” (from “Angel In The Shadows”) is available as an add-on to RockBand.

They’ve had six successful tours of the U.K. and two in Europe, playing at clubs and festivals including the Great British R&B Festival at Colne, the Eel Pie Club, The Limelight Theater, the BluesExpress Festival in Luxembourg, the Maryport Blues Festival (Main Stage), and many others. Of course, at home in the U.S. they’ve played up and down the eastern seaboard, working clubs and festivals as a four piece or with their new horn section added.

With a live show that engages the audience with great musicianship, great music, and a liberal dose of humor, The Hitman Blues Band will light up your audience!

Mississippi native, now Alabama resident Lisa Mills could be called a blues singer, or a gospel singer, or a torch singer or an R&B singer, and each label would be accurate. In fact, as the reviews of her 2014 album I’m Changing (a remastered and remixed reimagining of her 2005 debut album, enhanced by the inclusion of a handful of new tracks) poured in, she was described in all of these terms, and at least a couple of critics suggested they even heard the nascent stirrings of a jazz stylist in some of her more nuanced readings.

Listeners responded to Lisa’s sophisticated, emotional performances by making her 2015 U.K. tour a rousing success marked by sellout or near-packed venues, brisk post-concert CD sales and the inevitable query as to when she would be returning. To the latter the answer is “2016,” when the excitement of 2015 will be parlayed into an extended U.K. and European tour, on which bookings are being focused on festivals, concert halls and centers. And by the time the 2016 tour gets underway next Fall, she will have a new album to promote, titled Mama’s Juke Book.

A special and deeply personal project, Mama’s Juke Book will be comprised of songs Lisa found by chance in her late mother’s possessions—specifically, in a Dollar Store General spiral notebook in which her mother had handwritten lyrics to 25 of her favorite country tunes, all dating from the early ‘70s. Her mother, Jan Powell, was a country music devotee who unfortunately passed away in 2012. In addition to her love of music, Jan unconditionally loved her daughter, was her biggest fan and most enthusiastic promoter, and not least of all, was her trusted confidant. In a real sense Mama’s Juke Book is a love letter from daughter to mother but it is also a Southern cultural timepiece capturing mainstream country music in a transitional period ahead of the emergence of the Outlaw movement in the mid-‘70s. Grammy winner Trina Shoemaker, who steered the retooling of I’m Changing, is returning in a producer’s role on Mama’s Juke Book.

Although the content of Mama’s Juke Book is drawn from country, Lisa’s interpretive artistry takes country for a new spin when chestnuts originally recorded by the likes of Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, Elvis Presley, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty and others are revealed to have hidden pockets of soul and blues when considered from a fresh point of view by a versatile vocalist—similar to what she demonstrates on I’m Changing in finding new avenues of expression on covers of the Rev. Robert Wilkins’s “I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down” and Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing,” both of which are remarkable for the way in which her ethereal approach is so completely attuned to the lyrics’ spirituality and mystery as to make these songs her own and of a piece with the original material surrounding them.

Dynamic rock/blues band Red Butler is fast making a name for itself across Britain and Europe. Audiences instantly tap into the fire and passion generated by the young band from Brighton.

November 2016 saw the culmination of 18 months preparation with the release of the band’s lovingly crafted second album, "Nothing To Lose" produced at Superfly Studios by Wayne Proctor. The music represents a journey for the band and has been well received by their supporters, new fans and the music media. This album follows the success of Red Butler’s debut release, "Freedom Bound" in summer 2014. The ‘Nothing to Lose’ tour extended through October-December showcasing the new album and the extended line-up. Those performances thrilled audiences as the band unleashed its energy with control and power.

‘Nothing To Lose’ is a collaborative project drawn from the band members’ individual experiences of life and music. Red Butler see the need to deliver a message to younger people whilst retaining the support of their established blues/rock audience. Influences include SRV, Free, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Gary Clarke Jnr. and artists such as Royal Blood and Vintage Trouble. Touring with the Laurence Jones Band, Billy Walton Band and Danny Bryant added enormously to the band experience. Their solo tours have helped them hone their craft and delight audiences across the country. The coming year will provide the opportunity to develop the full potential of Red Butler.

The power and sensitivity of their music has seen Red Butler win national awards. Successes include:

Alex – runner up in Young Artist category – British Blues Awards 2016.
Band – third place in Best Blues Band category – British Blues Awards 2016.
Representing the UK at the European Blues Challenge in Italy 2016.
Winners of the UK Blues Challenge 2015.
Runners-up in the British Blues Awards 2015 (Alex, Young Artist and Band, Emerging Artist).
‘Best New UK Act’ 2014 – Blues Matters Magazine

Alex Butler established the band in 2012 and for a long time the line up comprised Alex (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jane Pearce (lead vocals), Charlie Simpson (drums) and Mike Topp (bass and backing vocals). With the heavier sound of ‘Nothing To Lose’ Dan Spellman (guitar and backing vocals) joined the line-up. The end of 2016 saw the biggest change to date when Jane opted to leave the band to pursue her own career. Dan has stepped into the role of lead vocalist having performed with other bands and is already exciting audiences with his voice and stage presence. The search is on for another vocalist, which could give Red Butler the exciting possibility of twin vocalists.

Matt Woosey’s time is now. His eighth studio album, Desiderata, captures the most daring and progressive music of his career. His acclaimed solo shows dart between folk, roots, ambient and electronica. He’s an artist who slips the creative straightjacket of the modern industry, a trailblazer with no reverse gear, a performer who drags the acoustic guitar kicking and screaming into fresh relevance. “You’ve got to keep progressing,” says the Malvern-based singer-songwriter. “Like John Martyn. Like Robert Plant. Like Radiohead…”

Tipped by tastemakers from BBC Radio to Classic Rock, and braced for a headline tour across Britain and beyond, 2016 finds Matt looking to the future. Yet all the best artists come with a backstory, and it’s fair to say that Desiderata could never have been made were it not for a formative early career that took in passion, hardship and redemption. “If I’d become an overnight success,” notes Matt, “I’d probably be addicted to some horrible drugs by now. It’s like anything. You have to do an apprenticeship. You have to grow.”

Jack J Hutchinson is a London based blues guitarist and songwriter. His new EP Get It Back is described by Blues In Britain as "Everything that is good about modern blues". With the record already breaking the iTunes and Amazon blues top 40, Hutchinson is touring the UK with his backing band. Expect loud, electric blues that is equal parts Magic Sam and Elmore James, with a touch of Peter Green thrown in for good measure.

"...Split Whiskers have their roots firmly planted in Chicago blues, crossing boundaries into rock, americana with more than a hint of the Delta. Fronted by Gilby ‘Fat Slim’ Fletcher on vocals and blues harp and Johnny ‘Magic Boy’ Wright on vocals, acoustic, resonator & electric guitars: They are joined on drums by the very talented Tony Hill. On bass, the ever vibrant Claudia 'Beads' McKenzie and completing the line up, Matt ‘Big Willie’ Willshaw on keys".

The band’s fame is spreading and they are becoming one of the busiest bands at blues venues around the UK, in particular in great demand on the Festival circuit. Their superb musicianship, along with their infectious humour on stage, promises a great evening’s entertainment

Quotes include:
_"...MUST GO AND SEE THEM..." _Blues Matters magazine

Having played over 1000 gigs together and now into their second decade of playing, they have a rich heritage in the Blues. Recently retired founder member Mick ‘Chippy Carpenter played with some true Blues greats including Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed, T-Bone Walker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Hubert Sumlin and Gilby’s Harmonica Hero, Little Walter Jacobs.

Jump 50 years to the present and the current Whiskers line up and it’s easy to appreciate a multitude of influences from, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix & B.B.King to, Little Feat, Ray Charles & Dr.John. Influences, yes! Copies, No! Split Whiskers are making their own stamp on The British Blues Scene with their unique style and interpretation of the genre including a rapidly growing index of original material. With a wealth of experience between them, they’re a joy to watch and listen to.

This energetic 5 piece from Cambridge and Leicester are currently assembling their 4th album. “Double Bind”. It’s a mix consisting of their favourite original material with a couple of cracking covers thrown in for good measure. Watch this Space!